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This Site is exclusively for Arya Vysya

Shankerraomarriagelinks.com is an matchmaking service and it has its own online Site Developed to provide an easy way for our members to meet. Once members create their own unique profile, our matching technology provides them with instantaneous results based upon their pre-selected criteria. None of the information we gather can be used by the public (visitors, other members, and anyone not employed by Shankerraomarriagelinks.com , ) to identify a specific individual.

There are two types of information we collect that users submit: public and private. We define name, age, birth time, date of birth, gothrams, raasi, star, income as public information.

And father name, email, contact no., address as private information.


Shankerraomarriagelinks.com not gives members the to modifying or removing their information from our database. Admin only will edit or delete the information.For this
You can send e-mail to: contact@shankerraomarriagelinks.com

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